Here at Dr. Simonds Metabolics & Weight Loss we are committed to offer you best quality patient care available. We understand that you might have some questions. Here a few of our Frequently Asked Questions:

We teach patients a diet that will produce weight and fat loss in a healthy way. We use several types of prescription diet medications, like the appetite suppressant phentermine, that treat the disease of obesity. We encourage patients to use exercise and a physically active lifestyle to produce good health and to prevent weight re-gain.

We do not accept or file for insurance. Payment for all services are due at the time the services are rendered. For your convenience we accept: Cash, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), Debit Cards, Flexible Spending and Healthcare Savings Plan cards. We do not accept checks.

We are always taking new patients. New patient appointments are available upon availability. Typically, within one week.

Every body is different. There are multiple factors that can affect how much weight you can lose, such as, compliance, metabolism, gender, age, and previous weight loss history. Our providers will sit down with you and assess these factors with you at your Initial Visit.

As soon as our schedule allows. Depending on the type of appointment needed. Typically, same week for Follow-up appointments and one week for New Patient appointments.

No, you do not need a referral from another medical provider to become a patient in our practice.

We do not perform any lab work in our office, nor do we require it. You are encouraged to bring in any recent lab results you may have. If lab work is needed the provider will provide you with an order to get that done.

We offer vitamin B-12 injections that are administered here in the office.

Our prescription medications are categorized as a ‘controlled substance’ and dispensed through our ‘in-house’ pharmacy. In order to abide by state regulations, patients are required to see a trained medical provider to receive a refill on any controlled substance.

We will help you to reach your goal weight. If you feel you don’t need to come in once you’ve achieved your goal then you don’t need to.

We have a great staff of medical providers in both of our offices such as Family Nurse Practioners, Physician Assistants and Registered Dietitians. You may not always see Dr. Simonds at your monthly visit, but you are free to request to see any of our providers on your visits.

Normally, our schedule doesn’t allow for consultations prior to coming in for an Initial Visit. If you are looking to ask some questions we can help if you give us call.

You will meet with either Dr. Simonds or one of our Physician Assistants or Nurse Practioners. They will weigh you, check your numbers, such as BMI, body fat and blood pressure and go over your medical history. They will also go over your current diet and discuss the medication options. If medication will be used you and the provider will establish a medication regimen that will work for you.

No, you don’t. Our program specializes in the treatment of obesity – which may be necessary for any body weight.

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