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Having excess body fat is a disease and it has multiple co-morbidities. Our specialty is the medical treatment of this condition and its co-morbidities. Here at Dr. Simonds Metabolics & Weight Loss we treat patients with excess body weight, patients affected by obesity, patients with normal weight who have excess body fat, and patients who are trying to maintain their weight after having lost weight.
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    Healthy Weight Loss

    We teach patients a diet that will produce weight and fat loss in a healthy way.

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    Suppress Appetite

    We use several types of prescription diet medications, like the appetite suppressant phentermine, that treat the disease of obesity.

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    Better Lifestyle

    We encourage patients to use exercise and a physically active lifestyle to produce good health and to prevent weight re-gain.

"I'll give you the tools, you give me the effort and together we can overcome obesity."

-Dr. Simonds

New patients can expect:

  • A healthy diet and exercise plan
  • Medications to restrain appetite
  • Ongoing nutritional counseling
  • A simple & easy to follow plan

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