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The Simonds Metabolics Assessment

Many patients taking multiple medications may not realize how they could affect their weight goals.

At Dr. Simonds Metabolics & Weight Loss, our signature Simonds Metabolic Assessment is our most important strategy to help fight obesity and aid weight loss. This includes our body composition analysis at every visit and a thorough review of current medications or supplements that may be contributing to your weight gain or preventing your weight loss.

We welcome patients with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid conditions, and autoimmune disease.

Our goal is not only to help you achieve weight loss but to help you transform your lifestyle in a way that will have a profound positive impact on your mental, physical and emotional health. Our patients often experience significant improvements in medical conditions directly related to their weight, such as high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, or joint pain.

Onsite Pharmacy

One of our biggest benefits to our patients is our onsite pharmacy. Many patients leave with their medication after their visit.

Weight Loss

We offer an array of services that include lipotropic injections and B12 shots. When you participate in our weight loss program, we offer:

  • Medical oversight by trained professionals
  • Monthly accountability
  • Prescription medication
  • Diet education & nutritional counseling
  • Encouragement

Product Market Place

We have a trusted variety of tinctures, salves, lotions and creams. We offer a wide selection of dietary supplements from brands like Metagenics. Although not required, we offer a variety of protein products and supplements in our office as a convenience for our patients:

  • Meal replacements
  • Protein bars
  • Protein shakes
  • Protein powder
  • Vitamins & supplements


  • The initial visit is $250.
  • Follow-up visits are $85.

*This does not include the cost of medications.


We require a $50 deposit to schedule and reserve your first appointment.
This deposit is applied to the cost of your first visit with us.

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Weight Loss Expert Wickham Simonds Helps Fight Obesity

We supply the skills if you supply the effort, and together we will fight obesity.

Dr. Simonds is board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Board of Obesity Medicine. His specialty is providing the information, counseling and medication needed to help his patients see lasting weight loss results.

“We are here to help and encourage you,” he said. “Losing 5-10% of your initial body weight in a year can dramatically improve your health. Most of my patients achieve this level of weight loss in the first 60 days. While that may just be a start of your weight loss goal, you’ll far exceed what it takes to be in good health.”

The strategy Dr. Simonds uses with his patients in the Raleigh-Durham area has three parts:

  • Encouraging a physically active lifestyle
  • Using appetite suppressants and other prescription diet medications to treat the disease of obesity
  • Most importantly— teaching the tools to follow carbohydrate restricted and true ketogenic diets. It is important to note that Dr. Simonds also works with patients who want to do diets other than low carb or ketogenic diets and he will never require a patient to do a ketogenic diet if they don’t feel it is the right diet for them.

Ketogenics involves drastically cutting carbohydrates

It also requires avoiding all sugar and refined grains so that your body uses its stored glycogen and must turn to burning body fat for fuel. This produces a molecule called a ketone. Once your body is in a state of ketosis,  you will find that weight loss can be surprisingly rapid.

Beyond Keto

Overseeing a staff of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, registered dietitians, and other professionals, Dr. Simonds offers a variety of weight loss services in the triangle region of North Carolina. Some patients require the support of certain medications to reach their weight loss goals, and Dr. Simonds and his team work closely with these individuals to overcome their obesity once and for all.

“I recently attended a conference on obesity medicine, in which they talked about reward-based eating, which is different from true hunger and low blood sugar,” he said. “In America, we have an abundance of food and some people eat simply to produce a pleasure sensation. This can be a big problem for patients and can cause problems like plateaus. When you work really hard and at the end of the day, you don’t turn to alcohol because you’re not an alcoholic, but you turn to food instead as a reward mechanism, it is a problem. Behaviors like this substitute one problem like alcohol with another counterproductive behavior like reward based eating. I encourage patients to identify this common pattern in their lives, and develop behavioral strategies to overcome it.”

We all need encouragement

Don't be afraid to restart.

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