Beginning in June,  we will begin offering Express on the first and third Friday of every month- starting on Friday, June 5th.

Our goal with Express appointments has always been to provide patients with busy schedules a convenient opportunity to come in on Friday morning before work or other scheduled activities. We had many patients whose treatments qualified for these quick in-and-out visits where they could meet with a provider and still maintain their busy schedule.

We know this was a popular, convenient and much-needed service and we’ve always been proud to offer them.

But as COVID-19 began to shift many of our patients’ schedules due to more flexibility with work-at-home time, we saw our Express service start to be less and less needed as patients moved their visits to our normal operating hours during the week.

In the long run, it doesn’t make sense for us to staff an office when we can’t see the volume of patients needed to stay open for these hours.

Remember, if you are an Express patient and want the option of these convenient visits, we will have them available on a NEW schedule on the first and third Friday of every month- starting on Friday June 4th.

An established patient that has been seen at least 3 times since starting the program and has been seen within the last 6 months.

An established patient that:

  • Does not need any change in their medication regimen.
  • Does not need to add new medication.
  • Has no new medical issues.
  • Does not require any nutritional counseling.
  • Only requires a refill on their existing medication.

We will weigh the patient, check your blood pressure, body fat % and BMI, ask a couple of questions and refill your medication.

Yes, an appointment is required.

The fee for an Express visit is $75, plus medication. If you have a visits from a pre-paid package, you may use them for this Express appointment.

Yes. You can get your injections during your appointment.

Unfortunately, no. We would need to see you during our normal business hours.