How do I stop snacking and binging and cook after a long day of work? I have low energy and just want to sit down.

This post-work low energy is a common problem. After work, many folks don’t want to cook or even think about preparing food. In that case, planning and preparation are key.

Instead of cooking a full meal, consider meal prepping on your time off. To learn more, check out our blog on how to meal prep.

If you can’t find the time or energy for that, consider ordering meals through delivery from local or national companies. There are plenty of healthy ones to choose from. Check out the ready-to-eat meal delivery services we recommend.

We also highly recommend you do not keep easy-to-eat unhealthy foods in your house. Folks will often reach to those when they are tired.

It is okay to use shortcuts! Don’t feel like you need to hold yourself up to an imaginary standard where you have to cook a full meal. If you do not have energy after work, you need to do what will work for you. Instead, put something in place that is already done.