A Simple Guide to Getting Restarted

1) Write down your goals and plans for tomorrow. Once you have written this down, say it out loud. Once you have written your goals down and your plans down, then I want you to weigh on your scale at home. Write this number down. This is your starting weight. Make sure that you do not have any clothes on when you weigh. If you need to purchase any items to make this plan happen, please go to the store and purchase them. If any pre-preparation is required, such as with food, do this.

2) You have written down and rehearsed your plans. Tomorrow arrives and you are ready. Wake up, and rehearse your plan out loud. This takes all of 30 seconds. Now it’s time to execute your plan. Use some method to keep track of how well you are executing your plan throughout the day. This could be just writing down what you are doing in a journal. It could also be keeping track of it in an application on your phone. Any method like that works. Once your day is over, you will realize that you have executed your plan fairly well. When the next morning comes, get out of bed, urinate, do not eat or drink anything, take off your clothes, and weigh. Write down the number and you will see that you have lost weight. This will be encouraging.

3) Now that you have successfully dieted for one day, it’s time to repeat the process. It’s important that you receive your victory and walk in your victory. Remind yourself daily that you are successful. You should plan for each day just like in step one, writing down and rehearsing your goals out loud. Embrace your planning and preparation. Track what you are doing closely, so you can see if you are making any mistakes. Keep getting on the scale, on a daily basis, so you can see the results of your efforts. This is a very positive experience which will encourage you and reward you for your efforts. It is perfectly acceptable to take pride in your weight loss. You should revel in your accomplishment.

4) Now you have a good thing going. You are setting goals and accomplishing them and your diet is under control. Take the opportunity when it presents itself to tell others about what you are doing. You can share with them the excitement of your accomplishments. It is important for two reasons. First, it lets your circle of close friends and family members know that you are making changes. It should be your goal, to get this close circle of friends and family members to support even these changes or to identify potential saboteurs. Second, it will serve as an inspiration to your friends and family members. Your experience is often what they need to get started. Relish this role, and help guide them in the same changes you are making. It will be positive reinforcement for you, and you will enjoy improving the lives of others.

Wickham B. Simonds, M.D.

Diplomate ABEM, ABOM