Working with your specific diet

I Work With Patients Doing All Sorts of Diets 

I am often asked if I only work with low-carb dieters. Although I think that low-carb diets are appropriate for a lot of my patients, I certainly don’t force a low-carb diet on them. I will never ask the patient to do a diet that they are not willing to do or that they hate doing. So the truth is, I work with patients doing all sorts of diets. Some are calorie counters, some do Weight Watchers, some do portion control, some use Nutri-system, and there are many more that I have worked with over the years.

So if you read my blogs, and watch my videos, and hear me talking in the office about low-carb diets and the benefits thereof, do not let this scare you off if you think you could do a different type of diet better. I am perfectly willing to work with you on whatever type of diet you think you could do the best and I will make sure to offer you counseling and prescription medication if needed to help you lose weight.

The truth is that losing just 5% of your body weight can prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol problems. So for example, a 200 pound person need only lose 10 pounds to prevent these sorts of diseases. Even a small amount of weight loss produces profound health benefits. This is my real goal with patients. If I can just get them to lose a small amount of weight I know I can get them off of most of their medications or prevent many common health problems.

So if you have considered coming to my practice, but have not because you do not think you can do a low-carb diet, then have no fear. My staff and I are perfectly willing to work with you on whatever kind of diet you think you can do. We will help support you and that includes making prescription diet medication available to you to help you achieve weight loss.

Wickham B. Simonds, M.D.

Diplomate ABEM, ABOMW