7 Breakfast Ideas That Aren’t Eggs

When switching to a higher protein way of eating, many of us start relying on eggs for breakfast.
Eggs are almost the perfect food with their satiating combination of protein and fat, plethora of
vitamins and minerals and quick cook time. Yet, one of the most common things we hear in our
practice is “I’m sick of eggs”. So here are some ideas to keep your first meal of the day

Breakfast Smoothie

Easy and gentle on the stomach in the morning, a breakfast protein smoothie is a
sure way to start your day right. Blend ice, water or unsweet nut milk with 1 scoop
protein powder, some fat like a Tbsp. of avocado or almond butter, and flavorings
like cinnamon, a few frozen berries, or a splash of our new Bipro orange energy
protein water (tastes like an orange creamsicle when mixed with vanilla protein

Sausage, Peppers, and Onions

Simple to make ahead for the week, this dish can use pork, turkey, chicken, sweet
Italian, or hot Italian sausage. Sauté peppers and onions (you can add ANY veggies
you like to this such as spinach, tomatoes, scallions, garlic, etc.) then brown the
sausage, cook on low until done and serve on top of cauliflower rice.

Greek Yogurt Bowl

Although we do recommend buying your greek yogurt “plain”, you don’t have to eat it
that way. This breakfast can be savory OR sweet: for a sweet version, add some
toasted slivered almonds, ½ scoop vanilla or banana protein powder, and a dash of
cinnamon; for a savory breakfast, mix plain greek yogurt with some vegetable dip
mix and a dash of hot sauce- use as a yummy dip for celery, cucumbers, cherry
tomatoes, or any crunchy veg of your choice OR spread into a few slices of rolled up
deli ham or turkey for added protein.

Seafood Salad

Canned seafood is a very nutrient dense and affordable option- salmon, tuna, crab,
shrimp, oysters, sardines, mackerel, clams- take your pick of the ones you like, drain
all water/oil and mix with mayo (find one with zero carbs on the label), capers,
chopped celery and onion, salt, pepper, and a dash of greek seasoning or Old Bay.

Bacon and Leek Meatballs

Meatballs can be varied in so many ways and made in huge batches and frozen. Mix
ground meat (turkey, chicken, beef or pork- your choice!) with chopped up bacon,
leeks, salt, pepper, and dried herbs of choice. Roll into balls and bake/ sauté until
cooked through. Stick in toothpicks and dip in some of the savory greek yogurt dip
from #3 above or enjoy on top of garlic and butter spaghetti squash.

Ham and Cabbage Hash

Buying shredded cabbage/coleslaw mixed and pre-cooked diced ham makes this a
super quick option in the mornings! Simply sauté cabbage in some butter, add diced
ham, salt and pepper to taste, plus any other veggies you would like and enjoy!

Leftover Meat & Veg from Last Night’s Dinner

Despite the common belief that breakfast food is somehow different than the other
meals, breakfast is indeed when we “break” our “fast”- no set time limits, no set food
restrictions. So if you had a wonderful chicken cordon blue or Mexican chili for
dinner, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying those yummy leftovers for
breakfast the next morning! Setting yourself free from the close-minded thinking
related to “breakfast foods” will expand your options endlessly for that first, and very
important, meal of the day.