Does the number of meals I eat daily make a difference in weight loss?

The number of meals you eat daily does not matter. However, in most cases, the less you eat, the better. The fewer meals you eat, the less likely you are to consume sugar and flour because you have less opportunity to indulge.

If you are an athlete, you may have to eat more meals. Or if you’ve had weight loss surgery, you may need to have smaller, more frequent meals because of the size of your stomach.

There is no scientific backing that shows more meals equal increased metabolism. We typically need more time between meals to digest, rest, and get the insulin and blood sugar down. If we’re eating constantly, our body has to deal with calories coming in instead of the calories stored in our bodies.

The quality of our food matters more than number of meals. Protein is first, fibers and veggies are second, healthy fats are third, non-processed carbs are fourth, and everything else is the least priority.