Can psyllium husk help you lose weight?

There is no research that shows psyllium husk can help you lose weight.

We understand the concept, and it’s because of fiber. We’re told if we’re full of fiber, we’ll consume fewer calories from other nutrients. But we’ve not seen any patients lose weight just by increasing psyllium husk.

Fiber is helpful, but we prefer you get it from whole sources of vegetables.

We’ve found that because psyllium husk is not very flavorful, folks may add sweet things to it, which can keep you from losing weight. So if you choose to use it, be careful with what you add.

People may think ingesting it will help them feel full. But you shouldn’t be afraid of hunger; it’s a natural phenomenon we all feel. When we struggle with our weight, it is more challenging to handle. Your body is fighting you to eat, which is when medication may be helpful.