What are some tips for maintaining or continuing to lose weight on vacation when you don’t have a kitchen?

Not having a kitchen will be challenging because it takes you out of your regular routine, and you may need to be more creative. If you prioritize weight loss, you’ll be able to do it.

Step one is recognizing things will be different and taking some time to plan.

Many of our patients will bring some things along with them. Not for all of their meals, but especially for travel days, they bring boiled eggs, protein bars, protein bars, and protein shakes.

PRO TIP: While you may not be able to bring a protein shake through airport security, you can take an empty bottle of water and put powder in it. Then fill up at a bottle filling station inside the airport gates.

Research the restaurants you are going to and plan what you will choose. There are often healthy options, and picking those out ahead of time will help keep you from making rash decisions.

Watch out for sugary beverages. People on vacation are drinking things out of the ordinary. Stay away from heavy beers and sugary mixtures.

As always, eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full. Many folks on vacation will eat just to eat. Don’t do it!

If you are on medication, stay on your medication. It is not wasteful to keep taking it. It may help you eat less.

If you are going to indulge, have a plan for it. Don’t indulge at every meal. Pick something to indulge in and really savor it.