Managing and Avoiding Control Loss During Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, particularly within a specific weight management program, control is an important factor. Being in control of everything from your daily workout schedule to your calorie intake can go a long way to dictating the kinds of losses you want to see, and on the flip side, losing control of these areas can lead to bad returns.

At Dr. Simonds Weight Loss, we can help. We know there are a few specific factors that can contribute to the loss of this kind of control, even within a prescription weight loss program. Here are a few common control loss areas, and how to get it back.

Personal Routine Loss

A big part of this control is often expressed through routine, which is sometimes the best friend of someone trying to lose weight. But with lots of commitments on your plate in a fast-paced world, it’s understandable for this routine to get thrown out of whack from time to time.

The best strategy to combat this when it comes to weight loss? Planning ahead. You know there will be some hiccups in your schedule, so if you take preemptive steps to guard yourself against these, you’ll be in good shape. If you know you’ll be working late and will miss a regular weekly class, for instance, try to find another class to fill your schedule instead.

Lost Confidence

Confidence is another big part of weight loss, and there can be many possible triggers of losses in confidence. The best way to avoid these is to focus only on yourself; don’t compare yourself to anyone else or get down on yourself in this way. Believe in yourself, and results will come from there.

Personal Loss

In some cases, a personal loss can be a big detractor from weight loss and several other life areas. Some people look to comfort foods, while others may lose focus on their routine. Do your best to dig deeper into the reasons behind the way you feel, and look for healthy outlets that might accomplish similar things. Shift your reactions to ways you can find comfort in others.

Going Back to Junk Food

Another major cause of loss of control during weight loss is people rediscovering a sweet tooth or a taste for junk food. While indulging in this is okay every now and then, it becoming more regular can be a big impediment. The name of the game here is avoiding temptation – take different routes to the gym if you always pass by your favorite guilty pleasure food on the way there or back, for instance. Learn what your triggers are and take some steps to minimize them.

For more on avoiding losing control during weight loss, or to learn about how we can help at our weight loss clinic, contact the staff at Dr. Simonds Weight Loss today.