EPISODE 57: AMA | Sugar addiction, holiday diet support and body contouring


Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Wickham Simonds and Michelle Kennedy, NP-C, dissect why people give up on their dietary practices. They pay particular attention to people’s erroneous approaches to weight loss. Finally, they highlight some of the services they offer as consultants to help with such issues.

Top Takeaways

  • “A lot of times, our goal with patients is ‘maintain, don’t gain.'”
    – [Michelle Kennedy, NP-C]
  • “Some things that feel good or are pleasurable to us in some way aren’t always good for us.”
    – [Dr. Wickham Simonds]
  • “I just want you to view it as a medical problem; you’re here to take care of a medical problem, and we’re going to help you do it.”
    – [Dr. Wickham Simonds]
  • “Don’t marathon to lose weight.”
    – [Dr. Wickham Simonds]

Episode Highlights

  • [01:44] What are three common reasons people give up on their clients?
  • [09:56] What recommendations do you have to help find family support for my Keto diet during the holidays?
  • [13:19] What makes it challenging to let go of the sugar?
  • [18:50] What expectations should I have when starting a program with your office?
  • [20:30] How can I jump-start my weight loss following retirement with low activity?
  • [21:43] Trying to balance marathon training with maintaining weight loss.
  • [25:00] Does Body Contouring differ from CoolSculpting, and does it hurt?

Episode Notes

What are three common reasons people give up on their diet?

One reason is the holidays, during which people get knocked off their diet plans, especially when the holidays happen consecutively. However, we are available for this particular scenario to offer helpful tips, support, and recipes that help people get through the holiday season.

Sometimes the goal is to maintain weight and not gain any extra.

If you confine your dietary excesses to only the day rather than the whole period, you are doing alright.

We can help strategize in advance and successfully and healthily execute such dietary excesses.

Another reason is the mindset that you can replicate the drugs or steps someone else took and lose weight the same way. However, you may be on different parts of the weight loss journey.

It can also be frustrating to lose weight with little or no success. Sometimes this may be due to ineffective methods that are not enough for the person.

Our team can identify medical reasons behind such an inability to lose weight and tailor a treatment for such issues. Treatments may require one or more medications.

What recommendations do you have to help find family support for my keto diet during the holidays?

Communication would be an excellent place to start. First, let people know what you’re doing because you know what you want out of life. Then, ask for their support. Finally, explain the importance of your decision, as this makes them more likely to support and respect your plans.

What makes it so challenging to let go of sugar?

The reality is that sugar is addictive. Although not as much as hard drugs, it binds to the same aspects of the brain as hard drugs. Moreover, it kills slowly over time as it is accumulated in large doses, coursing through a more gruesome path to fatality than hard drugs.

People must also deal with the financial burden of high sugar consumption’s health impacts. Therefore, it is essential not to look at others who seem fine consuming sugar and get frustrated that you cannot have such excesses. The fact that a person has not gained weight from consuming a lot of sugar does not mean they may not develop other issues.

What expectations should I have in starting a program with your office?

For people starting new at Dr. Simonds Metabolics and Weight Loss, you first get a medical evaluation to assess where you are metabolically, including your medical history. Next, we get an idea of your goals and define what you need to do to accomplish them.

The initial visit takes an hour, while follow-up visits can take around twenty minutes once a month. The whole process is from the perspective of a medical consultation with no judgment.

Recently retired, I am less active and gaining weight; How can I jump-start my weight loss?

Retirement often comes with the loss of structured activities, which makes it challenging to keep a weight loss routine. Being intentional with recreating a form of structure and asking for professional help would come into play when dealing with retirement.

I’m trying to balance marathon training with maintaining weight loss. Do you have any advice on how to balance enough food to train while still losing weight?

It is erroneous to assume that eating more food provides extra energy for exercise. Only a little fuel is required to go through these activities, and you would need to check your weight up to 3 times a week.

Rather than replace lost calories with apps or calculations, listen to your body and eat based on your needs. Stick to whole, unprocessed foods, not refined sugar products.

In the past, I’ve CoolSculpted and found it very painful. I’ve heard you talk about the Body Contouring that you offer. How is it different, and more importantly, will it hurt?

CoolSculpting uses cold to make holes in fat cells, causing the fat to leak, which is absorbed by the lymphatic system. This process targets specific areas non-surgically, but it is painful.

Body Contouring, on the other hand, is not painful. Specific modalities may be painful for those who want a more aggressive approach. Still, for these treatments, adequate anesthesia is available.

Feel free to check out the Body Contouring aspect of the website. Sign up for a free consultation to learn more. The most popular machines are InMode EvolveX and InMode Morpheus 8.