Lovie’s Weight Loss Story

Lovie had a life changing experience after beginning her weight loss journey with Dr. Simonds and his staff at Simonds Metabolics and Weight Loss. Before losing 125 lbs with Dr. Simonds, Lovie tried everything to lose weight. EVERYTHING. Although she has a degree in nutrition and is well informed with the dieting culture, she could never reach her weight loss goals.

Before finding Dr. Simonds, Lovie had Gastric Bypass surgery back in 2013 and after losing a tremendous amount of weight, she gained it all back. She knew she needed help to lose weight and started searching for help. This is when she found Simonds Metabolics and Weight Loss.

At her first visit, she was greeted by Dr. Simonds at his Durham office and was impressed with the convenient office hours. She was even more impressed with Dr. Simonds, and his willingness to answer all of her questions and how he made her feel so comfortable. She felt absolutely no blame, shame, guilt or fault that other weight loss professionals and doctors made her feel in the past. Most importantly, she felt empathy, compassion, encouragement and concern for her health and weight loss goals not only by Dr. Simonds, but by the ENTIRE staff of providers, nurses and office staff. They treat you like family and your weight loss journey is completely personal and tailored to what YOU need.

Lovie is forever grateful to Dr. Simonds and everyone at Simonds Metabolics and Weight Loss for helping her achieve her goals. She stresses that this is a lifelong journey, with many ups and downs so it’s important to have the help and support you need. Dr. Simonds and his staff are the real deal and will guide you every step of the way.

“They saved my life.” – Lovie