1st Annual Summer Virtual Keto Dinner Party

Dr. Wickham Simonds and his team hosted their 1st Annual Summer Virtual Keto Dinner Party and it was a huge success!

We LIVE streamed this party to all of our Facebook followers and had a blast with viewers answering questions, sharing stories and more, all while enjoying delicious keto recipes prepared by Dr. Simonds’ Instagram team at The Casual Keto Doctor.

Dr. Simonds, Michelle Kennedy NP-C, nutrition & exercise expert, Tina Sessoms and special guests gathered together for great conversations over delicious keto dishes prepared by Dr. Simonds’ Instagram team at The Casual Keto Doctor- celebrating 5,000+ followers! We are also giving away a $75.00 Gift Card to Wegmans for 1 lucky viewer.

We really believe in the keto diet and its ability to correct many health ailments, underlying metabolic abnormalities that go along with obesity, and weight loss. We created the Casual Keto Doctor Instagram page as a space for recipe sharing and foodie love. It’s to show you that keto is anything but boring and restrictive. You can really enjoy delicious food with tons of variety while on the keto diet. We love our keto community and thank you for your support!


We asked viewers to vote on menu choices which included snack-able treats, appetizers, side dishes, a couple of showstopper courses, a decadent dessert and of course, let’s not forget the cocktails!

Check out all of the delicious recipes you voted on and we prepared:

We also prepared some extra goodies for a special surprise. Watch the show to see Tina’s Gauc-tini and marketer, Del’s charcuterie board filled with amazing meats, cheeses and olives. We also give some great examples on how to quench your thirst. All keto approved!

Dr. Simonds and his team are always excited to share their knowledge and personal experiences about the keto diet with all of you. Throughout the show, Dr. Simonds and Michelle Kennedy NP-C share their many tips and clarify the many misconceptions about the keto diet. We had some great keto questions submitted ahead of time and also some that were live chatted during the show.

Dr. Simonds' Virtual Keto Dinner Party


Throughout the show, we answered your questions and talked all about the keto diet. Now, let’s get to the questions and answers from our followers:

Q: So at most gatherings and dinner parties, they all start with happy hour. It’s not always polite or possible to bring your own. Any suggestions?

A: If you are faced without any keto-friendly options, we would say to go ahead and just have a cocktail. Forego the food altogether, or just have a tiny amount. It also helps to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates by consuming fats and proteins and this will also help prevent large spikes in insulin. Sometimes, simply stating that your doctor has you on a special diet or has asked you to avoid certain foods will prevent any uncomfortable conversations from continuing. Check with the party host ahead of time and see if it’s appropriate to bring your own keto-friendly dishes to share with everyone.

Q: Michelle, you were saying that you go in and out of keto. Doesn’t it take a certain amount of time for your body to get into ketosis? So, if you are going in and out, is your body going to burn fat?

A: If you decide to cycle in and out of keto, it’s best to do so with larger time periods such as at least 3-6 months at a time following the keto diet. If you cycle in and out of keto, it’s best to do so for extended periods of time versus short bursts, such as weekly. There is some fat burning that is still happening, even if you’re not in ketosis. Some prefer to use keto not only to lose weight but to experience the health benefits that result from following the keto diet. It also depends on the individual and some don’t do as well when they cycle in and out of the keto diet. Some find it difficult to cycle in and out of keto and it’s highly individualized as to how your body will react. Give us a call or schedule an appointment to see how keto may help you.

Q: There are so many questions on how to start keto. It sometimes gets overwhelming as to what is the correct way to start. I love the variety of what you can eat on keto, but for example, in order to go into ketosis, is it necessary to eat pork and bacon as well as consume keto shakes and meal replacements to get into ketosis faster?

A: You are definitely not required to consume pork products, shakes or other keto products in order to enter ketosis faster. You can actually begin and maintain the keto diet consuming whole foods or even meat-free options. Once your insulin levels drop, your body will get into ketosis and this can even be achieved by fasting. Exercising also helps exhaust the glucose levels in your body, which will also result in ketosis and fat burning. The higher the insulin levels are in the body, the longer it will take you to get into ketosis. Whole eggs are the perfect combination of fats and protein and are a great food to help you get into ketosis.

Q: Should women follow a different regimen than men? I’ve seen contradictory statements about women and men and various hormones etc.?

A: There’s no difference in the regimen that we recommend for men and women. While it’s true that men generally have a higher percentage of lean muscle mass than women, and may seem to lose weight faster, we don’t recommend any different regimens to get into ketosis faster. When you compare the percentages of weight loss, in most cases it’s very similar between men and women.

Q: It seems like I stay tired a lot when I am on keto. Do you have a recommendation to help with my energy level?

A: Energy levels with the keto diet are directly tied to your electrolyte levels and lower levels may certainly lead to some fatigue. When doing keto, it’s important to keep your electrolyte levels up by consuming additional sodium-rich foods and broths. As insulin begins to drop and your body is making more ketones, the kidneys will begin to flush out excess fluids along with essential electrolytes, magnesium and potassium. If enough fluids and electrolytes are not replaced, you may experience some side effects such as fatigue, muscle cramps, and headaches. This is often referred to as the keto flu. Keeping hydrated, consuming enough sodium and making sure that you’re eating enough will help to alleviate these symptoms.

Q: What is the ginger beer that has zero sugar?

A: The brand, Reeds makes a delicious zero-sugar, non-alcoholic ginger beer. There are so many other great options at most grocery stores that are keto-approved.

Q: How long can someone really be on keto?

A: There’s absolutely no time limit to remain on the keto diet. The traditional American diet is filled with many refined flours and sugars, which results in many health problems we see today. On the other hand, our ancestors didn’t have access to grocery stores and processed foods and only ate what they hunted, grew and gathered. They basically ate a keto diet for millions of years and remained in ketosis. So, it’s actually the modern American diet that is the anomaly and negatively impacts our health.

Q: Won’t my workouts suffer without carbs if I’m on keto?

A: Absolutely not! When the keto diet is properly followed, you will have more energy than you ever thought possible. Not only that, but you will have stable blood sugar, sleep better and be stronger than ever. When you initially make the switch to the keto diet, you may have some difficulty in the first few weeks. This is normal as your body is transitioning and needs to adapt to using ketones for energy versus glucose. Initially, you may need to adjust your workouts, but after a few weeks, you will be back to your more intense, longer workouts. But, don’t give up! Trust the process.

Q: What’s your go-to snack on keto?

A: There are plenty of great snack options on keto! Deli meat wrapped in cheese, unsweetened almond butter, meat sticks, Quest chips, pork rinds and Parmesan crisps are all excellent options. Just make sure your deli meat is low carb and free of added sugars, such as that found in honey or teriyaki flavors. We actually have a very well stocked market pantry at both of our office locations with many low carb options. Stop by anytime to shop our pantry!

Q: What do you think of the Mission Low Carb Tortillas?

A: It’s highly individualized and some people may tolerate them well, while others may not. If you’re not able to tolerate those tortillas, there are so many other great options available. We’ve seen many keto-approved varieties that are made from cauliflower, egg and even cheese! These are all great grain-free options.

Q: I have type II diabetes and friends of mine are encouraging me to start a keto diet. My family is worried that it will make things worse. Are they right?

A: We feel that a ketogenic diet is highly effective and safe in controlling and even treating type II diabetes. Dietary intervention is a highly effective way to combat diabetes. The keto diet is NOT a fad diet and is very safe and effective. We specialize in treating the disease of obesity in patients that have also been diagnosed with type II diabetes. Our experienced, weight loss experts create individual plans to help patients lose weight, control blood sugar and reverse type II diabetes.

Q: What do you think about Fathead Dough?

A: We LOVE Fathead Dough! It’s incredibly versatile and super easy to use. Fathead pizza dough is a gluten-free, low carb and keto dough that is made with mozzarella, cream cheese, egg, and some type of low carb flour. It’s a great option for when you are craving a bread-like product.

Q: What is dirty keto? I’ve seen this term all over.

A: It’s doing your own version of keto, where it’s not super strict. You allow yourself to eat other foods that may be processed and are not considered whole foods. An example would be consuming a fast-food cheeseburger, without the bun (of course)! Or you may choose to snack on pork rinds and sliced cheese versus choosing avocados and olive oil.

Q: I had success with keto, but then fell back into old habits. I gained more weight than I lost. Should I try it again?

A: YES! And maybe let someone help you out this time. Whether you seek medical advice from us or through other support groups, you may find it helpful to reach out to the keto or weight loss community for additional support. Keto is not unique to relapses. Any diet plan will cause a regain in weight once the diet is stopped. Obesity is a chronic disease and requires long term treatment. We often recommend patients begin weight loss medications to help with relapses and prevent weight gain. Most people struggle with weight loss and encounter plateaus along the way. We are here to help and provide the best support for you to reach your goals.

Q: I’m always on the go between work and family. Any tips on how to maintain a busy life while on keto?

A: Absolutely! It sounds simple, but meal prepping can go a long way to staying on track and sticking with your eating plan. Pick a day of the week when you have time to shop, prep and cook your meals for the week. Keeping easy to grab snacks such as meat sticks, nuts, cooked chicken and boiled eggs will help prevent poor choices when you’re on the go.

Q: What do you think about the keto ice cream, Rebel?

A: This is also highly individualized, so some people can tolerate it well while others may not. If you try it and find that you don’t tolerate it well, try making your own version. It’s actually super easy to make it yourself and control the ingredients. Yum!